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Together we've achieved a great deal so far but as the fight to Save Glenlee heads to the Land and Environment Court, we face a formidable opponent. As we prepare our case, a report from a Town Planner and possibly an Ecologist could make the difference between saving Glenlee and it being destroyed. These reports will carry much more weight with the court and we see them as essential to our case. 


We need funds to engage We need funds to engage relevant experts. Will you support the fight by donating to a fighting fund? Our first meeting with the court is in mid-October so time is of the essence. 


The Nature Conservation Council has generously offered to allow us to use their facilities to raise funds, giving donations tax deductibility. Your tax receipt will come in their name but 100% of the donation will come to our Save Glenlee fund. 

Or you can donate directly to Friends of Glenlee bank account.  We will provide a receipt but not a tax receipt.


Friends of Glenlee account:


            BSB 062-206 

            Account number 1042 7989

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