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  1. ‘The Friends of Glenlee Incorporated’ was registered and continues the fight to save Glenlee 

  2. With over 200 submissions to council, working with the Council in their case before the Land and Environment Court, and the Association’s representation to the Land and Environment Court, the proposed development was defeated

  3. Representation on numerous occasions to Georges River Council to request they work with the State Government to protect the history and heritage of the site and provide funding to purchase Glenlee for the public and future generations

  4. Representation also to the NSW State Government requesting funding

  5. Working with the council and State government to see an Interim Heritage Order placed on the site to allow for a heritage report to be undertaken. This IHO has since expired, with no assessment of the site having been conducted. A commitment to a new IHO was made by the state opposition prior to the 2023 elections.

  6. Glenlee listed by Georges River Council as a Local Heritage site

  7. Glenlee was included in a National Trust exhibition called No Time to Spare which featured heritage properties in danger of destruction

  8. Article on Glenlee included in the Australian Wildlife Society magazine

  9. Media coverage included articles published by the St George Leader, The Sydney Morning Herald and radio interviews on ABC Breakfast, Sydney and 2NBC

  10. Mark Coure, State Member, has been advocating for Glenlee through parliamentary processes.

  11. Support from Upper House MP David Shoebridge and Greens NSW

  12. Event held in support of Glenlee with Heather Goodall as speaker.

  13. Three community rallies have been held near the site, one attended by the now State Minister for Heritage and the Environment

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