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The Group has now registered ‘The Friends of Glenlee Incorporated’.  This formal association will continue the work to save Glenlee.  


The Resident Action Group is doing all it can to stop the approval of the DA, which is flawed at so many levels, including no Archeological report or Heritage report.


  • A great many submissions were made to Council before the closing date on 16 June 2021  


  • We are having conversations with Government Departments and organisations concerned with Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, the environment, and water management


  • State Member, Mark Coure, spoke about Saving Glenlee in a speech to Parliament (see below)


  • The St George Leader has published articles about our fight to Save Glenlee


  • Radio interviews on ABC Breakfast, Sydney and 2NBC


  • Support from Upper House MP David Shoebridge and Greens NSW



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